Hello, I am writing this blog in hopes it helps you create your BPQ32 in wine.  If something is misleading or seem in correct email me on here or at kb8pmy at kb8pmy.net.


 So this tutorial is to help you install BPQ32 in wine. I am not going to go in to installing Linux of your flavor. If you need help I can provide it. To install linux for this purpose. I would go with the LTS only. (I prefer 10.04 LTS until it is no longer spported.) It is a desktop server and have better luck with the LTS versions for server apps. Once you have the basic install done.. Your ready to start the BPQ32 install, if your using Ubuntu. Go to the Software Center and install Wine3. That will provide most everything that you need to get it to start. After you get it installed, click on Configure Wine in the wine menu under Applications.  After that, click on the graphics tab and there should be a click box for virtual desktop. Click the Emulate virtual desktop, and pick your window size, or not all the icons work correctly for BPQ32. Then click ok.


Now if you have not already download the last version of BPQ32. Save it in the Downloads file or Desktop so you know where to find it. Once downloaded go to Applications, Wine, Uninstall Wine Software. Once that window comes up, click on install. Change File type to .exe and you should see BPQ32.xx, if your in the right directory.  Click OK and you should be on your way to installing. Install it like you would on a windows machine. Now once it is installed. Bring up your home folder from the places main menu. Once you have the home folder open. Press ctrl-h to show the hidden files. Then click on .wine, then drive_c, then Program Files, then BPQ32. Once that opens you want to right click, then click on properties. Once you get that far, click on the open with tab. Make sure that wine is the default program manager, not the monoplayer. (photos to come soon)


Now that you have it installed. You can take your windows BPQ32.cfg file and place it in the BPQ32 directory in Linux and you  should be right back as you was. Or if your starting Fresh then just edit your BPQ32.cfg file to get you started. Once you have the BPQ32 console loaded and Mail console running. Everything from that point is the same from there as you would do in windows.


There has been some questions about making the symlink for the comports in wine. The easiest way to do this, is to login to terminal. Find dosdevices under /~/.wine/dosdevices. Enter that dir and then type this: ln -s /dev/ttySx(comport number) com(x)(comport number). Then you need to change permissions on com(x). Type: chmod 777 com(x) enter. no brackets on any of it. Now you should have comports when you start BPQ.

Now that you have it running the way you like, with the linux user autologin. Your asking yourself, how can I get BPQ32 to autoboot. Here we go on the autoboot. Got to the System menu (click), then preferences, and then you will see Startup Applications. Click on that and the click should come up. Once that open, you will see the Add button. Click the Add button. In that window, you have to give it a description. Also you have to click the browse button. You are in you home folder. Press ctrl-h to show the hidden files. Then you want to click these directories, .wine/drive_c/Program Files/BPQ32. Then you want to click on BPQ32.exe, and this will place BPQMailChat.exe in the Startup Applications path. Click Add. Now when you reboot, BPQ32Mail will startup. Everything will be back to the way it was before you rebooted.

Sorry but this topic is complete. Please follow me over to the new page " Raspberry PI". This is where everything is running now. You can also run this same setup in any linux box.