If you familiar with BPQ32TermTCP. I have wrote one for Linux. The BPQTermTCP.ini file that you use in windows is transferable to Linux. There are a few features that I have to work on. For example, making the the 2 windows re-size when you move the separator. Make it accept multi-langauage characters.  I also  will try and add ax25 client. So you can select if you want to use TCP or ax25 connection.


Version is out!

Scrolltimers are fix to make each window have there own timer. You can scroll the output window back. With out having the monitor window scroll the output back while your reading.

Version is out!

Fixed international characters blank line problem. Also the window resizes correctly again. 

You can Download the precompiled version, in the panel marked download.

Any question you can email here or email: kb8pmy at kb8pmy.net